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Experience computer gaming on a whole new level. PCBANG.UK offers you the opportunity to play your favourite video games on some of the best hardware around. Enjoy an hour or two playing solo on your favourite single player story mode, or spend the whole day taking on up to 15 of your friends in a multiplayer PUBG or Fortnite battle royale. However you like to play, PCBANG.UK can make it happen.

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Pay-Per-Play Pricing

The following hourly prices can be paid for in store.

Pay-Per-Play PC (non-member) £5 per hour
Pay-Per-Play Console (non-member) £3.50 per hour
Console Co-Op Hours £6.00 per hour

(2 Players)

Make the most of our Monthly Membership Subscriptions and you will not only receive a discount on your hourly rental cost, you will also get free hours to use in our lounge area and various consoles, as well as be kept up to date on all our members only events and special games days.


Monthly Membership Tiers

Subscribing Monthly Members can select an hourly tier that suits them.

Choose between Silver, Gold or Platinum and enjoy either 5, 10 or 20 hours of PC gaming per month, as well as gain 5, 10 or 20 hours free use of our Console Gaming Lounge.

If you’re running low on Monthly Membership hours, fear not, you can purchase additional hours at any time for

  • £5.00 for Silver members
  • £4.50 for Gold members
  • £4.00 for Platinum members

Additional Console Lounge hours are £2.50 for all subscribing members.

SILVER – 5 PC & Console Hours per month £25
GOLD – 10 PC & Console Hours per month £45
PLATINUM – 20 PC & Console Hours per month £80

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