Terms of Use 

These Terms of Use set out the agreement between you and PCBANG.UK. By signing up to a PCBANG.UK Monthly Membership Pass, you confirm that you are bound by these Terms of Use, including any changes made to them. These Terms of Use were last updated in July 2018. 


Month Passes  

When signing up to a PCBANG.UK Monthly Membership Pass, you may choose from one of the following tiers. BRONZE = 5 hours per month, SILVER = 10 hours per month or, GOLD = 20 hours per month. Members can top up their Monthly Membership Passes by purchasing additional individual hours.


Month Pass Prices 

There is a Monthly Membership Pass fee which you will pay on the day you sign up, and continue to pay each month thereafter until you cancel your membership. Unless cancelled, Monthly Membership Passes will be initially charged and automatically renewed at, £25.00 per month for BRONZE, £45 per month for SILVER, and £80 per month for GOLD. Each individual  PC hour purchased in addition to your Monthly Membership Pass allowance will be charged at £5.00 for BRONZE, £4.50 for SILVER and £4.00 for GOLD. All members can purchase additional Console Hours at £2.50 All prices include VAT and any applicable sales tax. 


Usage, Billing and Cancellation

On the day you sign up for a Monthly Membership Pass and unless we tell you otherwise your “Payment Method” which will be your active PayPal account will be debited with the relevant Monthly Membership tier funds. You will get immediate access to the PCBANG.UK Lounge and PC’s, and will be able to begin redeeming your hours on our PC’s and Consoles straight away. You will then be entitled to redeem your monthly hours until they have depleted, or up until your next billing date, whichever occurs first. In most cases you will be charged every 30 days for your chosen Monthly Membership Pass. This day may change however depending on certain circumstances, for example if for any reason your payment was unsuccessful or if your billing date falls on a day not present in a given month. Your monthly hours must be used within the 30 days they are billed for and will not roll over into the following month. If a payment is unsuccessful, due to expiration, insufficient funds or otherwise, we will continue to attempt debiting you current Payment Method until successful, or your account is updated with a new valid Payment Method. Until we are able to process your payment your membership will cease and you will no longer receive membership correspondence, and you will lose your entitlement to free access to the PCBANG.UK Lounge.    

You can cancel your PCBANG.UK membership at any time before your next month is due to start. To cancel your membership go to the “Memberships” page on the PCBANG.UK website and follow the cancellation instructions. When you cancel your membership your account will automatically close at the end of your current month, and we will cease to debit your Payment Method with immediate effect. Membership payments are non-refundable and we do not provide refunds for any unused membership hours.  You will continue to be able to redeem your membership hours and make use of the PCBANG.UK Lounge as per these Terms of Use throughout your cancellation period and up to the end of your current monthly billing period. You can re-activate your Monthly Pass Membership service on your account at any time. 


Becoming a member 

Head over to the “My Account” page to sign up, create a PCBANG.UK account and choose your membership tier. Please do read the rest of these Terms of Use before creating your account


How we contact you 

In most cases we will contact you via the email address corresponding to your PCBANG.UK account; however we may also contact you via the PCBANG.UK website, via a notification within the Gaming Centre, a text message to your associated telephone number or any other method we notify you of.  

We will send messages and notifications to you using the contact details you provide us, so please ensure you supply us with the correct contact details and keep them up to date on your PCBANG.UK account. We will deem notifications sent to you to have been delivered on the day they are sent, provided we have not received a failed delivery notice. 




As an account holder you are responsible for the security and proper use of your log-in details and password, and all activities carried out on your account. If you know or suspect that your username or password has been compromised, or you suspect or become aware of any other breach of security, inform us immediately. In this event you must ensure that your username and password is changed as soon as possible. If we believe that there has been, or is likely to be a breach of security we may suspend usernames or passwords and request that they are changed. 


Age restrictions 

You will only be entitled to access age appropriate content at PCBANG.UK and are prohibited from displaying age restricted content to users of an inappropriate age. We reserve the right to request proof of age at any time and will only accept a valid Driving Licence, Passport or Proof of Age Card.  


Changes to memberships 

We may at any point make changes to our Monthly Membership Pass, but will not make any changes without notifying you at least 30 days in advance. We will not make changes that materially disadvantage you during a month for which you have already paid, unless it is for reasons beyond our control. If you do not cancel your Monthly Membership Pass following notification and before the changes take place, we will take that as your approval of your modified membership. 


Changes to our content 

The content featured on our PC’s and consoles will change frequently meaning we will gain access to various new games titles and on occasion some titles could become unavailable. We may change, replace or remove content or features at any time. We may not always be able to notify you of these changes in advance; for example if an urgent change is to be made by request of a regulatory authority, security reasons or any other reason that is beyond our control. We will use every effort to notify you in advance of changes to certain content, but a notification of all changes shall be available on the PCBANG.UK website.   


Changes to prices 

We may at any time increase the price of any of our monthly passes or other services, and will give you notice of any changes in accordance with these Terms of Use. We are not obligated to honour any prices that are the result of recognisable oversights, and which can reasonably be identified as pricing errors. 


Cancelling our agreement 

We reserve the right to cancel our agreement (or any part of it) with you at any time. We may immediately suspend or limit your use of all or any part of the services and/or content without refunding or compensating you if: 

  • You are in breach of these Terms of Use; 
  • You fail to make a payment you owe us or if your payment method fails; 
  • You have treated our staff in a way that we consider to be inappropriate or unacceptable and significant enough to justify restricting or ceasing your use of our service; 
  • You are witnessed or believed to be involved in abusive or intimidating behaviour whilst using our service or on any of our social media platforms; or 
  • It’s not practically avoidable due to technical or operational causes which are outside of our control. 


Changes to these Terms of Use 

We reserve the right to change or add to these Terms of Use at any time. If we make any changes to these Terms of Use we shall notify you at least 30 days prior to their commencement. If you don’t cancel your monthly pass membership following notification and before the changes take place, we will take that as your approval of the modified Terms of Use. If however you object to the change in Terms of Use and cancel your Membership within 30 days of being notified, the changes will not apply to you for the remainder of your usage month. Changes to these Terms of Use may sometimes need to be made more quickly for security, legal or regulatory reasons, if this is the case we shall notify you as soon as we possibly can. The most up to date revision of these Terms of Use will and shall always be available to view on the PCBANG.UK website. 



By becoming a member you agree that you’ll be responsible for your own actions and omissions. Our services may present links to third party websites, advertisements or offers not owned or controlled by PCBANG.UK – we are not responsible for these sites, ads or offers. If any part of these Terms of Use are discovered to be unenforceable they shall considered to be removed, however the remainder of the Terms of Use will continue to govern the relationship between yourself and PCBANG.UK. 


Last updated July 2018